Welcome to The Kid’s Website

Welcome to my website which I made for my English 101 class in 2019 at Emory University. This website it where all of my work for this year has been uploaded to and here is the main class website (https://eng101s19.davidmorgen.org/).

I was very worried when I was told that I had to take an English requirement class in college.  In high school, English was my least favorite class. However, after this semester of college level English, I can say hands down that I’ve really grown to enjoy English and other classes need to be more like this one!  The reason I say this is because I feel college should help set you up for the real world. In college English class, we didn’t just write essays about books.  We were able to write about anything. We also learned that “writing” doesn’t necessarily have to mean just essays, as writing can be anything from blog posts to reflections and even podcasts.

I feel that with the help of this English class, I have improved tremendously as a writer.  Almost weekly, we write a reflection or blog post on our websites, which is a completely different style of writing than a traditional essay. We would write about different interesting topics, for example like “What is in My Backpack?” which tackled the written and nonverbal portion of our learning outcomes.

With the help of these diverse writing styles, I feel I was able to find my identity as a writer which has also helped me in my Philosophy 190 class.  In Philosophy we write weekly essays and at the beginning of the semester I quickly realized what a difficult task it was going to be for me to come up with something interesting to write about regularly.  But as the course progressed, things I learned from English class helped me expand my thinking and by the end of the semester I was able to write philosophy essays with ease, on even a single topic.  Previously, even trying to write about multiple topics was difficult and I was barely able to get to the minimum word limit. I have now learned to write more meaningful pieces of work. Simply put, this class has helped me expand my boundaries of writing and creativity too, through not only reflections and blog posts, but also with podcasts, websites, and projects.

Through our two podcasts that we created for our series, Playing Yourself, I believe I benefitted the most from this experience. I am not aware of other English classes that allow you to do podcasts as assignments.  At first, I was a little frustrated with having to do assignments like this, but by the end of the semester, I am thankful that we did because of the lessons it has taught me.

First off, it has taught me to be able to speak more comfortably and confidently in front of a microphone.  In the past, I was always self-conscious about my voice and how I sounded in front of the mic, but after speaking my first thirty minutes of doing the podcast, I felt much more comfortable.

Secondly, I was never really a big talker or somebody that enjoyed discussions.  This was another reason why the thought of doing a podcast was so frightening to me in the beginning. Our first podcast was on Settlers of Catan and it taught me more than just how to talk in a mic and have an interesting conversation with someone that people would actually listen too. It taught me how to organize my notes and outlines for something like a podcast or even a presentation. It also taught me how to edit in audacity and how to cut, add and sound editing.  So, by the time we had to create a podcast on Minecraft, we were ready to go, and it went very smoothly.

In the past I would have never been able to analyze a game with such detail, but during this podcast I said something that shocked even myself. I said, “you have a big say in what you want to do in the game. The game doesn’t really tell you what to do. You tell the game what you want to do”. Never in a million years would I expect myself to be able to come up with something that thoughtful and creative. This is in thanks to the different assignments that this class had me do.

Also for the podcasts, we had to create some art to go along with the episode, so we learned how to edit photos as well. Creating podcasts helped with the class’s learning objectives of writing, aural, nonverbal and digital. This was and will be a very useful experience for me in anything and everything I do in the future, no matter what that may be.

Finally, by doing these podcasts, I have became more involved in in-class discussions, whereas previously I tended to avoid participation in class. As a result, my participation grades in other classes have gone up and I have learned a very important skill in group participation.

Next, our website that we created did not necessarily teach us how to write better, but it gave me an amazing experience that can be applied to any work I do in the future. Learning how to work the backend of a WordPress site is something very useful that everyone nowadays needs to know. Also, by creating this website, I officially have a personal digital identity and now my work is online for what I believe is a benefit to myself. This hit the learning outcome of digital and nonverbal.

Finally, the variety projects that we have done have really taught me important and valuable lessons. The biggest project we did was our Kickstarter campaign that we created in groups. This project was very big, and it pushed all of the learning objectives in order to complete the project successfully.

We came up with an idea to tackle time management issues among Emory students by creating a racing game. It seems counterintuitive, but I believe it is actually something that could be funded and made one day. To complete this project, we had to make a website, explain different processes and scenarios that would happen in and out of the game, logistical reasoning behind the game, rhetorical analysis, photos and design of the game, and finally presenting the project. The list could go on and on, but this project made sure we accomplished everything the learning outcomes aspired to teach us.

Another project or game that we did in class was Fiasco, which was a role-playing game. After playing the game for several hours, it really made me realize how creative I am at imagining different scenarios and coming up with mischievous plans for my character. This led me to eventually join a Dungeons and Dragons group outside of class. This game used the learning objectives of aural because of all the talking that is required in the game. I used to be a little close minded to games like this, but now I really appreciate them and have a completely different way of looking at them.

Thanks to this class and its unique structure, along with the variety of experimental style writings, I feel I have personally improved in many ways. I have learned to think about things more critically and from a different mindset or point of view. The class has taught me how to brainstorm better which I now apply to other classes as well.

Learning about the different forms of writing in this class has left me with a much better appreciation for writing in general!


The Kid Discusses Dooley Rider: A Community Solution to Time Wasting


Our group designed a kickstarter for an app called Dooley Rider which is a game that helps Emory Freshmen to overcome their troubles with wasting time on their phones and becoming more productive. Here is the link to our website if you want to see what our app is about: https://dooleyrider.home.blog/

Here I will talk more about behind the scenes or the sort of thinking that went behind the game.

This game really helped me write something interesting that people will want to read. Meaning that, on the website that we created, if the writing was boring, people would not be interesting so we had to make our writing suited for the public, not just teachers. In order to get to this, we had to rewrite all of our sections multiple times. Another point when we were developing this game, it really showed me how important team work is, in the sense that we all added something important to this project. We all worked together to create this final piece that we feel as if it is something that could actually be made one day. Also when we presented our project, we practiced many times in order to figure out what each of us were going to say and how deeply we were going to elaborate on each topic. Presenting has always been my least favorite thing to do in a classroom but I was able to do it and I actually had fun presenting our idea to Professor Morgen and the rest of the class.

Some important things I brought to the game were that I originally came up with the idea of a racing game through Emory’s campus, to ultimately make students use their phone as little as possible when trying to be productive. But going to back to team work, we were all able to come up with little intricate ideas to perfect our game.

Some new skills I learned during this were how to use WordPress a little better. I was able to customize the website more than I thought could be done, so it was a lot of fun learning how to do that. With this newly acquired skill, I can improve the design of this blog page and in the future, I can make better WordPress sites. Another new strategy that I learned during this journey was the nudge theory and how setting everything as default and having to click apps out afterwards makes it easier for app users to make a certain decision.

After finishing the website and the presentation, I looked back on our website one last time and I could not help but feel proud about the project that we had created in just a few short weeks. It took a lot of time, thinking, and energy, but in the end it is something that makes me proud and happy that we were able to create such an idea just from ourselves and it gives me the confidence for future projects.


The Kid Discusses Minecraft: Podcast Reflection

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 6.21.25 PM

I was very happy that we were able to do Minecraft because of how I spent so much of my childhood playing this game. I was very shocked that no one had chosen to do this game before us, but we were thankful that no one did because I believe our podcast turned out great, especially with the music!

This game was “THE GAME” in middle and early high school, and still is a very popular game that everyone around the world plays and enjoys. I thought at first it would be very easy to talk about Minecraft however, I soon realized that there were so many things to say about concerning the game, it was actually sort of difficult to come up with ideas to talk about in our podcast. We were able to narrow it done and finally, the podcast went smoothly. This having been our second podcast, I felt much more comfortable and relaxed while recording. I still remember the first time we recorded, there were so many “ummmms” and silences that everything had to be rerecorded or heavily edited. This time however, we were able to do it in a single shot with minimal editing and felt like a real podcast. I am sort of sad that this was the final podcast we created in this class and that the class is coming to an end, however, I am glad that we were able to end it on such a high note!

The Kid Had An Awesome Week



Above are the charts including my positive and negative emotions for a whole week. This past week was no ordinary week because the swim team was at Nationals and I was cheering and watching them the whole week, which in all, boosted my positive emotions greatly. People may look at that and say that he is a very happy person, which I do believe I am, but just this week I was over the top, especially with the results of how Emory swimming did. Any other week, my PE ratio (picture below) would be much less, however it was a special week. Every time somebody from Emory would appear on the livestream, almost every category of the positive emotions immediately got a check mark.

The only reason I have some negative emotions is because of all the school work that I had to do while watching. Also I had a few midterms coming right out of spring break which is never a positive emotion. Overall I found this experiment fun and enjoyable because now as I reminisce back on last week, I remember why I was so happy and proud to be an Emory Eagle. This experiment will help us remember what we did that made us happy during that week and the things that did not, so it is a good tool to use in order to learn more about yourself and who you are as a whole.

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 3.17.24 PM

The Kid Plays Fiasco

Having just finished the game Fiasco, I thought I would like to share my opinions on it. I have never played a role playing game before so this was a lot of fun experiencing this sort of game. At first, I thought this game would be not fun and boring as can be, but I will definitely be playing this more in the future.

When we first started the game Fiasco, I was a bit confused with the instructions and the objective of the game. The hardest part of the game was definitely trying to get started. Once we started however, everything went very smoothly. We told a “Boomtown” story in which I was an opium dealer and my colleagues were opium addicts, ranch hands, church volunteers, and somebody was married to my wife simultaneously as I was. The plot unfolded as it would seem. There was lots of violence and one shoot out that was obviously going to happen because in a midwestern town, when is there not a shoot out between two rivals who are married to the same person? I tried to make the plot as interesting and as violent as possible, but also trying to keep my character alive. I thought it would be interesting instead to try to throw other people under the bus. My tactic throughout the game was to survive at all costs. I believe that all five of us were able to create such a plot that they could even write a movie about it. It was a lot of fun because I really felt immersed in this world that we created and could definitely see movies being written after games like this.

At the very start, I was a little nervous and confused because I am not a very vocal and creative person but somehow as soon as we chose “Boomtown”, my head started working overtime and I was able to come up with very crucial plot twists and ideas throughout. I never experienced collaboration to this extent. We were all contributing to a very interesting plot line which made the game even more fun. Each of us had our own little twists and mine was that I mixed everyone into the story somehow either in a good or bad way, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I was able to develop both my character, the character who stole my wife, and the game all at the same time. I had never experienced such a fun way to tell a story with a group of friends. I can see why RPGs are very popular and I can see why some people keep their stories continuing for months, if not years.

During the game, I noticed different patterns that we all did. I noticed my pattern was that I would keep throwing people under the bus, only trying to save myself. I saw that others kept trying to mix story lines together every time they spoke. And others, they tried to dig themselves out of a deep ditch which we put them into, only digging a deeper hole for them to try to get out of.

Playing Fiasco taught me that I am not as bad at vocalizing or being creative as I thought. I have learned that all of these English activities that we have been doing have really helped me progress not only as a thinker but also as a writer. I can use this Fiasco story plot that I was able to create with some friends in future creative writing papers. It will be interesting to relive that Fiasco memory again. And finally, the most interesting part of creating a Fiasco story was that we told our story and this story could have gone in any direction possible because everyone had a say in it, creating an environment where everyone can share their ideas and thoughts freely and most importantly while having fun.

Settlers of Catan Podcast


Creating this podcast required lots of creativity for me because in general, I have a lots of difficulty with creativity and speaking a lot. When we first started recording, I kept tensing and freezing up as you can kind of hear throughout… I had to loosen up and remember to just go with the flow and we pressed the record button and kept on going, just naturally even if there were mistakes. Once we started getting into the flow, everything started to work out better and in the end, I feel that this is a very decently made podcast for someone like me and my skill. When we were editing the piece, it was a little strange listening to my own voice being repeated and how different it sounded but overall it was an experience that I enjoyed. Finding a song or background music took me a long time because I did not know what kind of genre I should use, but after going to different sites, I was able to find a good jazz song on youtube’s music library. I look forward to the next podcast we create!



This is everything in my bag, minus a few extra notebooks.


  • Water Bottle – as a student athlete and anyone in general, drinking water is very important. As a part of a varsity athletic team at Emory, athletes get cool powerade bottles which motivates me to drink more water.
  • Planner – this is so I can plan out my weeks and see how to work ahead and efficiently as an athlete.
  • Notebooks – these are the types of notebooks I use for every class. Every class I have has a different notebook.
  • Snacks – it is important to snack throughout the day so by the time practice comes around, I am ready to go with lots of energy.
  • Umbrella – Atlanta rains a lot and has sudden downpours, so I carry this with me just in case I am not wearing a rain coat.
  • Glasses – this is so I can see the board. Lately my vision has gotten worse so maybe it is time for a new prescription…
  • Calculator – math and business classes usually require this.
  • Keys – so I can get into my dorm. I usually do not lock my dorm room, however this one time, the only time I did not bring my keys with me, somehow somebody (not my roommate, I suspect a janitor or RA) locked my room, leaving me locked out.
  • Gum – this is so I can have fresh breathe and also because I like the taste.
  • Lotion – after morning practices I get very dry skin so I must lotion throughout the day.
  • Deodorant – this for if I forget to put deodorant on in the morning or after morning practice when I am in a rush to class and do not have time to go back to the dorms.
  • Laptop – I use this all the time to check canvas, submit homework assignments, watch shows, movies, and to skype my friends from back home. Without this, life would not be the same.
  • Pencil Case – last but certainly not least, the pencil case. This is arguably the most important thing in my bag because I always take notes on paper, so without a pencil, that would not be possible. Also I got this pencil case as a gift from my aunt in Japan back when I was maybe 10 years old.

Anyone that knows me, knows for the most part that I carry my backpack with me everywhere I go. This bag to me is a necessity, or at least the materials that it contains. I put almost everything out of the bag onto a table except for a few extra notebooks. This task was challenging because I never realized how much valuable stuff is inside of this bag. For example, if I lost this bag, my life would actually be ruined, therefore I just realized that I want to buy one of those tile key chain tags for my bag, so that it tracks the location of it at all times, just in case somebody accidentally took it or I misplaced it.


Hi everyone! Sorry to keep you waiting but this is it. I finally played Gone Home….

The first impressions I got as soon as I loaded the game up is that it seems like it is going to be a scary game, maybe sort of like outlast. Usually games that are dark and have a big house involved usually have some bad things in store…

I just saw the note from her sister…. everything does not seem okay.

It seems like they have been living in the house for sometime now, but everything is still in boxes. This is really giving me the Heebie-jeebies.

The more and more I explore I am happy to find that it is not that scary of a game as I thought it would be. It is weird however that the whole family seems to be very separated throughout the house and do not seem to interact a lot…

I just found the Dad’s study and it seems like he is a very poor writer who is struggling a lot.

I just found the mom’s stuff and I regret to inform Terry, but it seems that she is having an affair with her male co-worker. This family seems like it is falling apart. I found the note saying they were going on vacation, but something does not add up…

A little further into the game and I find Sam’s stuff mostly in her room. She seems to be in love with another girl named Lonnie.

After going into the basement, I was very confused about the whole uncle situation…

At the end, once I went up to the attic, the game suddenly seemed to become hopeful and less scary. Sam and Lonnie ran away and seem to be living happily.

My game kept crashing throughout, but this game was much better than I expected it to be!




This is me, my avatar! I am The kid because ever since I was little, my dad would always call me “The Kid”. Even till this day he still calls me The Kid and being able to use this name in a class makes me very excited. He started calling me The Kid because when I used to BMX race, the announcer always came up with nicknames for different kids. For some reason, he called me The Kid and ever since then it has sticked with me. This photo is of me in Japan in front of a pink Lamborghini. In Japan, it is very popular to have yourself animated for your profile pictures, so my parents made me one for my birthday.